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Professional  Innovative  Capturing

We are incredibly passionate about 360/VR and 3D makes the experience even more immersive.

Every single day we are keeping ourselves up to date with the latest developments within this industry. We can honestly say that for every project again we are pushing the boundaries or the status quo. Therefore we wish to capture your vision, your story too!

We are not only specialised in capturing 360 and Volumetric Video. But we can also provide you with a 3D model based on laser scanning or photogrammetry. 

You should focus on your story 
Let us take care of capturing your vision 

Our professional 360 camera's always gets hired out with an experienced operator (a cameraman or DOP, as you wish) and the required equipment. We offer a complete set. In that way, you are always guaranteed a good start and great assistance. Furthermore, we are happy to share our 360 film experience, which we have gained while filming with the Nokia OZO and the Jaunt One over the past four years.

We work worldwide and are based in the Netherlands at the VR Base in Amsterdam. We're used to travelling with the equipment and can provide the correct travel documents.

(The operator/ cameraman is included in the price. The cameras are never hired out separately.)


Leave the set with confidence.

360 video


No matter if we have to pack light and compact for a jungle hike.

Or you might need a live image in an Oculus Rift-S,
or you just want the best cinematic VR recording possible today.

We can deliver this to you, all with our own equipment.


For both objects & room-scale VR


Point-clouds for the entertainment industry    

Volumetric video


Fast and affordable solution for AR & VR


We did camerawork for:

The brands as shown below are a selection of the projects we filmed for our clients.
The selection is in alphabetical order. 

Please note, we 
do not make complete projects, not even on request. We only do camerawork.  



Colour management is always important. Not only when we are filming fashion but also for skin tones.

To get the best possible results, both our set and our studio monitors are calibrated. With the use of a spectrometer, we measure onset not only the colour temperature but even more important, the colour wavelengths.

Before we start stitching, the measured data will then be applied as a CSV file to the OZOraw files. This workflow will provide you with the best possible start you can get. 

10 bit 
When exporting to EXR or DPX you will get files with a 10bit colour depth.

This way we apply the most accurate colour management possible onset.
This is a workflow that no 360camera other than the Nokia OZO can achieve.



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